10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Bottle warmers are a very practical and essential childcare item that makes the process of heating baby food much easier, and above all, safer. In any case, as a nursing mom, you will need the best accessories and implements to make your life a little easier. Bottle warmers are one of the best investments you can make. This type of device will allow you to have your baby’s bottles at the right temperature in a very short time. 

You can’t always breastfeed, so you will need to express your milk or give your little one formula. Whether you are working and can’t make the bottles at the exact moment you are going to eat or you do not have time, you can use the bottle warmers. These are functional, fast, safe and of high quality, so they will last you a long time.  

However, most people don’t know which product is the best to buy, and they just select one randomly. Well, if you want to get the best bottle warmer, then you should learn how baby bottle warmers work because this thing will let you have an informed decision with ease.

How Do Baby Bottle Warmers Work?

If you are going to buy a Baby Bottle Warmer and wondering just how it works, then you are one step away from finding out.

  • The baby bottle warmer starts rotating the bottle at a specific speed.
  • Heat technology used in these warmers increases the temperature slowly.
  • When the temperature reaches 100 degrees F, then it stops and keeps the same temperature.

To warm milk inside the container, a small amount of heat is transferred through the coils, which are considered as the better choice as compared to stoves. This type of heating is not going to cause an issue with the quality of milk; that’s why you can also rely on it without question.

Best Baby Bottle Warmers Reviews

Coming up with a list of top 10 Baby Bottle Warmer was a bit complicated task due to the vast choices available in the market. So, we decided to arrange the list on their higher functionality, quality design, durable material, easy to use mechanism, positive reviews, affordable price, and few other factors so that you don’t face any issue during the purchase.

1. Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

grownsy bottle warmerPhilips is one of the leading manufacturers of the appliance, and it is known for its exceptional durability with functionality. Due to this, our top pick is Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer, SCF355/00. It is one of the most popular models, with an advanced number of features. You can find great design and a lot more.

Coming to the built quality, you can find a sturdy design made of food-grade plastic for safer use. Even, it is also compatible with all the sizes of Phillips Avent bottles which avoid unwanted expenses on the purchase of new baby feeding bottles. Such factors matter a lot when you want to get a smooth experience.

Pros Of The Philips Avent

  • This bottle warmer provides gently and evenly heats.
  • Compatible with all the sizes of Phillips Avent bottles.
  • It can easily heat 4 ounces of milk in 3 minutes.
  • Quite a compatible design with easy to store option.
  • Comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.

Cons Of The Philips Avent

  • No indicator or alarm to know when the heating is done.
  • There are mixed negative reviews about the usability of this product.

Overall Thoughts About The Philips Avent

Due to the excellent brand credibility and impressive design, you can rely on Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer, but you have to keep time in mind when you are heating the milk. There is no indicator or automatic stop option.

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2. The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

grownsy bottle warmer reviewNext up in our list is highly advanced, and most loved products on e-commerce platforms are The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer. It has the advanced technology to quickly warms breast milk or the formula for baby, which makes it an impressive choice as compared to our top pick of this list.

The sleek and compact design gives you ease when you want to keep the baby warmer on the countertop in the kitchen. The versatility with the breastfeeding bottle makes it better to reduce your expenses from the purchase of any specific bottle. Even the price of this product is way more affordable than other products on the same list.

Pros Of The First Years

  • It comes at a very low and affordable price point, making it suitable for everyone.
  • Suitable for all sized bottles, thin, narrow, small, and large ones also.
  • It automatically shut off when the Baby bottle warmer is done with the heating.
  • It can Sanitize multiple pacifiers and jars at once to save your time.

Cons Of The First Years

  • Built quality seems a bit disappointed. Otherwise, it is excellent in functionality.

Overall Thoughts About The First Years

Brand credibility matters, but if you are getting an affordable product with all the quality features, then you can’t deny that. So, the same goes for The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer.

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3. BabebayBaby Bottle Warmer & Bottle Sterilizer

the best baby bottle warmerIn terms of great design and reliable use, you can’t be wrong with the purchase of this baby bottle warmer loved for simple design and great functionality. These unique sized bottles warmer or sterilizer have three different settings to choose from. Each one can help to get ease while heating.

If you want an accurate temperature, then this one is highly reliable, but there is no timer inside it, which makes it less suitable. People who wish to affordable but effective designs then this product is way better as compared to the other ones mentioned in this list.

Pros Of The Babebay

  • It can warm milk, heat food, and sterilize in a quick time.
  • It has programmed preheating preventions for ease.
  • You can place two bottles and get them warmed or sterilized.
  • You get even warming, which will preserve the nutrition inside.

Cons Of The Babebay

  • It seems a bit pricy as compared to other choices available in the market.

Overall Thoughts About The Babebay

After considering the design, its built quality, and the ability to hold two bottles at once, we loved this product over other ones. Its pricy side is the only drawback.

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4. Babebay Smart Baby Bottle Warmer

best baby bottle warmerNo doubt in the fact that Babebay is quite a reputed brand, well known for quality and impressive design. You can find plenty of smart models, but this one is highly reliable due to ease during the use. It has smart thermostats that provide a better experience during the use.

This 4-in-1 multifunction baby bottle warmer sterilize, and it has space for two bottles. Small display lets you know about the exact temperature and understand that when to pause. It rotates the bottle and provides heat from all sides so that the nutrition value stays the same.

Pros Of The Babebay Smart

  • Offer four functions in one design with Warmer, Sterilizer, Thermostat, and more.
  • One-click customization lets you change the temperature and set custom needs.
  • There is fine-tuning with even warming technology for uniform heating from all angles.
  • You can place double bottles and warm them at the same time.

Cons Of The Babebay Smart

  • All these functions double the cost, so it is not an affordable product.

Overall Thoughts About The Babebay Smart

Considering the functionality, built quality, and all the smart features, we can say that this product will worth your money for sure.

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5. Babebay Bottle Warmer, Bottle Steam Sterilizer,3 in 1

grownsy bottle warmer instructionsOne more product from Babebay ensures that this brand is credible and outperforms in all manners. From design to work, everything is excellent. It has three main features, warm milk, heat food, and the last one is to sterilize food. All these are everyday needs for a baby that’s why it is reliable.

There is a small knob to set the temperature as per your need. If you want to warm milk or sterilize it, turn the knob to the right setting, and then it will focus on the rest stuff that’s why you can rely on it without a single issue. Keep it in mind that you have to turn it off after a specific time.

Pros Of The Babebay 3-in-1

  • It comes with three in one design, which allows you warm milk, heat food, and sterilizes milk.
  • Manufacturer offer one year of straight warranty on the product from the date of purchase.
  • Design is simple but perfect for all homes due to the black and white theme.
  • It is easy to clean because wiping with a wet cloth can help clean it with ease.

Cons Of The Babebay 3-in-1

  • No particular cons except for a few issues with the indicator.

Overall Thoughts About The Babebay 3-in-1

Design is simple, efficient, and suitable for every home. The affordable price makes it a perfect choice, but the only drawback is that it can outperform the action for a single bottle.

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6. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

growns bottle warmerNext up in our list is Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer popular for safer and easier warming experience. It can quickly warm breastmilk or formula milk according to CDC and USDA guidance.

There is one of the long-lasting reservoirs to offer exceptional durability during the use. It is absolutely easy to use because it doesn’t require adding an adequate amount of water and other substances. Just turn it on and place and baby bottle inside.

Pros Of The Kiinde Kozii

  • Definitely the most convenient choice with easy to use technology.
  • It automatically shut off when the milk is warm to accurate temperature.
  • The warming chamber is universal, and it can quickly warm all kinds of baby bottles.
  • Manufacturer offer one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Cons Of The Kiinde Kozii

  • Except for the great design, it has an unjustifiable price tag.

Overall Thoughts About The Kiinde Kozii

Nothing is more reliable than this product in terms of durability and great features. However, the bit pricy side is the primary reason to keep it in the 6th position in this list.

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7. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Baby Bottle

grownsy sterilizerHaving a four-setting knob allows you to set the temperature accurately and get warm milk to serve your baby. It heats at a faster rate so that you don’t feel any issue with the time. Setting the knob at different position help getting the different use of it.

It is easy to use, and you can simply add water when you want to heat drinking water for the baby. You can add breast milk or formula milk inside the container and sterilize correctly. Temperature dial control is also reliable for different food.

Pros Of The Tommee Tippee

  • Adjust the knob as per the type of food or drink.
  • Get a quick increase in temperature with proper heat transfer.
  • It can heat food, milk, or formula in just four minutes, which is ready to serve.
  • The temperature unit is highly accurate and provides what you need.

Cons Of The Tommee Tippee

  • Mixed reviews about taking extra time in the same work.

Overall Thoughts About The Tommee Tippee

Having two different color choice at such a low price point make it one of the best products. There are a few negative reviews that make it less credible.


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8. EASYROUTINE Baby Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk

best bottle warmerEASYROUTINE is not a big name in the baby bottle warmer industry, but it has a significant presence due to all the smart features offered in their product. You can find that Baby Bottle Warmer for Breast milk comes with plenty of essential features, which include quick heating and different setting options.

Touch capacitive buttons help you set the temperature, and you can place two baby bottles inside. When you want to heat food, then you have to increase the temperature. Even you can sterilize milk without any issue, that’s why it is an easier choice if you have a reasonable budget.


  • Sleek, fancy, and the most beautiful design in the whole list.
  • Touch capacitive buttons to adjust the temperature with ease.
  • Small display to let you know about temperature and other details.
  • Warm or sterilize two bottles at one time without wasting much time.


  • Price is a bit high for a standard built quality product.

Overall Thoughts About The EASYROUTINE

Design and product-built quality are standard, but if you consider the features, then you can find plenty of reasons to appreciate it. The only issue is a bit pricy side.

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9. Grownsy Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

grownsy bottle warmer manualPeople who are willing to buy a fast baby bottle warmer with impressive as well as unique design, then they can easily go with the selection of Grownsy’s new launch Fast Baby Bottle Warmer. It has fast heating technology for quick time heating in three minutes and without any harm to milk.

You can place two baby bottles inside or food so that they stay warm. This product can warm the food and keep that at the same temperature for six hours. After that, you have to reset the temperature, and then you are ready to go with the same.

Pros Of The Grownsy

  • Touch capacitive buttons to control the temperature and rest of the stuff.
  • Made up of food grade PP safe material to avoid any trouble in the future.
  • It comes with fast heating technology to provide quick time heating results.
  • It gives a more accurate temperature with intimate benefits.

Cons Of The Grownsy

  • Sometimes, the product is not available to buy.

Overall Thoughts About The Grownsy

From built quality to square design, this product is absolute beauty on its own. It can offer you quick time heating and many other benefits. The only issue is with availability and pricing.

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10. Smartip Baby Bottle Warmer

best baby bottle warmer 2020The last product on our list is from Smartip, which is known for an affordable price as it can warm two bottles at once. It also has features to sterilize; that’s why it is considered as the better choice. If you want to heat food, then there are specific settings for that.

This product can warm milk, steam sterilize, heat food, and the last thing is defrosting. You get a capacitive touch button and a small LED for temperature. When there is any feature running the small LED, bulb light up and let you know that when the heating or sterilizing part is done.

Pros Of The Smartip

  • It is backed with one year of warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Touch capacitive buttons make the operation easier.
  • Smart LED, and you get accurate temperature settings.
  • The only product with the defrost system inside.

Cons Of The Smartip

  • Works great but fewer issues reported for accuracy.

Overall Thoughts About The Smartip

After knowing about some negative reviews about temperature settings, we can’t consider it the best one, but it worked great in most cases. So, you can consider this choice for sure.

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Benefits of Using A Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers come in various sizes for a vast number of price points. During the purchase, you can find a variety in the market. Still, it puts a doubt in mind that what are the definite advantages that people are buying these. Well, the below mentioned are few of them –

Maintain Constant Temperature – Most of the bottle warmers have this feature to keep the temperature at the same level. It helps feeding baby with ease, and the warm temperature milk is not going to burn his/her mouth for sure.

Saves Time – Using a quality bottle warmer means that you can expect quick time heating and maintaining the temperature. In case you warm milk at the stove, you have to keep an eye; otherwise, milk might get extra hot or reach a boiling point, which kills all its properties.

Consistency of Heating – Heating in microwave mean that any specific part of the bottle will get more exposure to temperature than others. It can cause trouble with consistency, which is harmful, and it reduces the benefit of milk.

Convenient Choice – It is hard to warm milk at an accurate temperature. You need a thermometer to check the temperature, which might feel frustrating. To end this trouble, you should go after the use of a bottle warmer.

Features – Most of the bottle warmer has a feature called sterilizer, which will keep a rotating bottle to emit proper heat. Even you can clean a bottle by this method, which will kill all the bacteria on the body.

Easy to use – You need to add milk or formula milk in a bottle and close it. After that, turn on your bottle warmer and then add some water in that. Place the container inside and turn it on. In a couple of minutes, milk will be at an accurate temperature that you have desired off. 

Safer Choice –Heating milk in the microwave or on the stove will remove all the advantages of consuming milk. It might sound bad, but it is the real thing that happens with milk. Due to this, you should use a bottle warmer to preserve the properties. This will help in various manners.

How To Choose The Best Baby Bottle Warmer

When it comes to the purchase of a reliable baby bottle warmer, considering all the basic factors matters a lot. Most people don’t know what factors to consider, and then they end up buying the wrong product. To ease up the selection, you should consider these factors:

Manufacturer – Going with a reputed manufacturer will help you get a product which is safe to use and highly reliable in term of durability. Even chances of facing issues with products are lower in the future.

Bottle Compatibility – Baby feeding bottles come in many sizes, and it is necessary that you choose a bottle warmer that can support all sizes of a bottle or the size you already have. For Philips Avent bottle warmer, you can’t place other brands’ baby bottles except for their Avent line bottles.

Quick Heat Technology – A bottle warmer should heat the bottle from all angles, and it provides quick time warming benefits. All the reputed baby bottle warmer takes two to three minutes for 4 ounces of milk.

Size – Having a compatible size can reduce the mess or cluster. You can easily keep the baby bottle warmer on the countertop in the kitchen; that’s why it is a better choice to buy a compatible design.

Warranty – it doesn’t matter that you will be using the baby bottle warmer for two months or four. Always seek for products which are reliable and offer one year of warranty on purchase.

Considering these factors and buying a product will help you make the right decision. Even, you can justify the purchase of what optimal persuasiveness you had during the purchase.

 How To Use A Baby Bottle Warmer? 

The method of using a baby bottle warmer is straightforward, and anyone can understand it. Despite the technical design, Baby warmers are very simple and work in order to warm the milk in rotation so that it gets proper heat from all the sides.

  • The process starts with the purchase of a reliable bottle warmer. Most of the products have the same functionality, with a little change in design. So, the procedure will be the same for all the products.
  • Start by cleaning the baby bottle and checking that it is perfectly sanitized. Now, add milk inside the container. For our top pick, you can add four ounces of milk and then clean it from the outside.
  • Place the bottle in the baby bottle warmer and then turn it on. Once you have started, the bottle will rotate, and it will get heat from all the direction eventually. The rotation will reduce the chances of heat from one side.
  • Keep the bottle in warmer for three minutes, or you can check the user manual of the product to learn about the exact time. After that time, you can shut down the bottle warmer and get the bottle outside. Wait for couple seconds after that, and then it is ready to be served to babies.

By these methods, a baby bottle warmer increases temperature inside the container, and then you can serve milk to the baby without any issue. Such methods will help you get a vast number of benefits with ease.


It’s definitely worthwhile to purchase a high-quality bottle warmer because it is related to the health of your baby. A good baby warmer will be reliable, and you won’t stop working in the middle of the night when you need it the most. I hope this guide has helped you select the best baby bottle warmer.