10 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

As a parent, you will never wish or like to risk the life of your baby at any point. It is clear from various facts that a minimum exposure to germs can make your baby sick. Thus it is essential to sterilize the baby products as much as so they can stay away from germs and diseases. What is the actual meaning of sterilizing? Sterilizing is the process that is involved in killing the bacteria from the accessories. During the previous days, there were big utensils that were used for boiling water and baby products. That was considered being the most effective mode of cleaning the germs and bacteria.

Now, with time, some expert devices and tools can sterilize the products and other associated accessories. It is an extra and advanced step for cleaning the baby products. According to many doctors, there is a special relationship between the kids and the germs. It is the germs present in their products that make them ill. This is the reason the kids fall ill frequently as the little ones love to place everything in their mouths, so they come in close contact with the germs quickly. But if their accessories are sterilized daily, there is less chance of falling ill.

Stop thinking of boiling bottles inside a tub. Now you have an advanced and updated mode of sterilizers that can assist you in sterilizing the baby bottles within a few minutes. They are just superior and possess all the modern features that are required by today’s people. So, it is an inevitable invention that has helped millions of moms all across the world.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews

It will be better if you move straight into the main part of the discussion where we can gather probable information about the best baby sterilizers. A brief discussion on this subject will help immensely.

1. Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam SterilizerThe steam sterilizer of Philips AVENT  is a very helpful tool for the kids. It is also considered to be the most valued brand among the maximum number of mothers. The 3-in-1 features come in the sense that it performs washing, cleaning, and total purification of the bottles in a great manner.

The adjustable size of the sterilizer provides a choice before the user selects both wide neck and narrow neck bottles conveniently. The compact size of the sterilizer also consumes less space. The sterilizer kills about 99.9% germs effectively.  The sterilizer comes with an automatic close and open feature. On the other side, it activates after 6 minutes cycle.

It sterilizes not only the bottles but also the associated baby accessories.  The main thing about this sterilizer is that it works well with all types of plastic, metal, and glass containers. The steamer consumes about 650 watts of electricity. If the lid of the sterilizer is closed, it can protect the baby products for about 24 hours.  The sterilizer is very spacious and one sterilizes about 6 bottles at a time.  The whole product is very easy to clean and maintain at the same time. It is an essential baby product.

In many homes, there may not be enough space to accommodate the sterilizer, but if you have this device in your home, you can easily carry out the job. Most of the diseases are caused due to the germs and viruses that move around us. The little ones who are not much accustomed to the new world must be given prior protection and safety. Only the baby bottle sterilizer of Philps Avent can provide you with such benefits.

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2. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer

TPapablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizerhis innovative and amazing 3-in-1 steam sterilizer invented by Papalic is just too good. It has some advanced features that make it different from the other ones. It is a powerful steam-powered machine along with hot air-drying technology to keep many bottles, teethers and other types of products dry and clean for a long period.

These types of services may not be provided by other companies. While feeding the baby with a bottle, it becomes very tough to maintain the cleanliness and freshness. But with this device, the whole work turns out to be easy and smooth.

There is no such complex instruction to use this device. It comes with a one-dial function that helps the user to perform sterilizing, drying, and extra drying easily. The bottles can be dried without washing any single drop of water. The size of the sterilizer is large, and it can sterilize about 11 bottles at a time. There are a tall basket and accessory tray that can be removed at any point in time. There is a guide book that is always ready to assist the users with the mode of operating the device. However, the mode of operation is very simple, and anyone can do it.

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3. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer

Browns Deluxe Bottle SterilizerDr.Brown has invented a good-quality bottle sterilizer that is a microwave in nature and weighs about 726 grams. Because of the low weight, it can be easily carried from one place to another. It is very helpful for removing the bacteria and micro-organisms from the bottles and other baby products.

Some tongs are used for better handling of the sterilizer. The BPA free sterilizer is one of the best sterilizers that is very effective along with a transparent covering. With the help of the transparent lid, the user can easily check the sterilization process. It can not only be used to sterilize bottles, but the user can also sterilize small toys and games for their babies.

Just take out the loading tray and fill the base with water. Now close the link after loading and keep it in the microwave. The sterilizing cycle continues for about 4-8 minutes. The whole device is very compatible with 3 -4 bottles. One can use this sterilizer until the little ones attain the age of 2 years. It is very helpful for sterilizing bottles up to 24 hours, and this is great.

With this product, one can be least assured about the sterilization process. Almost all the bottles are so nicely cleaned that parents can stay tension free. This device is a dishwasher safe product that helps the user to clean the whole product swiftly.

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4. Baby Brezza Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer Machine

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle SterilizerIt will be exciting to know that the sterilizer and dryer machine of Baby Brezza comes with four operating modes. You can do a wide variety of functions with this product. The device can clean about 99.9% germs. The items inside the sterilizer will stay fit for about 24 hours as long as the lid is tightly closed.

This device holds the capacity to sterilize six bottles at a time. The heating plate of this product is made of stainless steel material, and it is completely rust free and calcification free. The BPA free product is very easy to clean and maintain.

The LCD control present within the device assists the user in selecting the mode and shows the time easily. The sterilization cycle continues for 8 minutes. Once the sterilization process is completed, the device will automatically shut-down. However, the machine does not come with any types of baskets. The product comes with a good warranty period so that it can be changed in case of disturbances. The design of the product is attractive and nice for modern people.

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5. Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Wabi Baby Electric Steam SterilizerThe importance of Wabi baby electric sterilizer lies in how it sterilizes the products from 8 to 15 minutes. If you wish, you can choose three different drying periods that may range of 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes. The presence of the smart sensor helps the user to get the right sign. Before using the sterilizer, it is important to check that the product is filled with water to the water chamber.

Now place all the bottles and put the device on the base. If everything is fine, just press the sterilizing button, and the machine will start the operation. The products of Wabi comes with a very fashionable and sleek look. The capacity of the bottle is big, and it can hold about 8 bottles at a time.

Apart from baby products, you can also use this device to sterilize medical devices and equipment.  With the help of an air rotator, the bottles and the accessories can be dried for about 12 hours. This device is also fit for sterilizing, baby pacifiers, teethers, and even baby toys. The easy operation mode enables people to opt for this product.

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6. Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Sterilizer

Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave SterilizerThe quality of the Munchkin Steam Guard sterilizer is that it is very safe and perfect for babies. You can completely rely upon this product. It is not only safe for sterilizing the bottles, but one can use it for cleaning the teethers, pacifiers, breast pumpers and similar other things.

This sterilizer measures about 12.5×11.3×6.7 inches and this size will enable the user to place the product in any type of standard size microwave. It kills about 99.9 % of germs very easily. This product works well on both the regular and classic bottle at any point in time.

The heat-resistance handles and the tongs allow the user to hold the sterilizer firmly and with no tension. The compact size of the sterilizer allows the mom to carry it conveniently. It can also be carried them very safely. With the presence of open-way latches, steam burns can be largely prevented.

The sterilizer holds the capacity to keep 4 bottles and 2 breast pumps at a time. It takes very less time to kill the bacteria. This is one of the most noted features of the sterilizer. Most times, it causes accidents because of the absence of the handles. But this product has strong and sturdy handles are of unique shapes and designs.

You must make yourself sure that when your baby is sucking the bottle, it is properly cleaned and sterilized. If you use this device, you can be sure about that point. This is because the device uses advanced systems and techniques to sterilize the bottles.

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7. Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Elechomes Baby Bottle SterilizerIf you are a busy and working mom, you will not have enough time to boil the bottles of your little one. But with the sterilizer and dryer of Elechomes, it is almost easy to carry out this job. The specialty of the sterilizer is that it can reheat the food and steam the eggs.

The large capacity of the sterilizer has allowed a maximum number of people to go with this product. It can sterilize up to 10 standard-sized bottles, and that is great. This sterilizer will automatically shut off when the work is completed. Thus no need to switch off the device.

 This BPA and PP free product can heat milk in a better way. No need to take tension about the safety of the food. It is safe and hygienic. If you detach the sterilizer and the dryer, you can easily clean the device in a hassle-free manner. The unique design of the device allows it to be kept in any corner of the room. Even the easy operation feature is something innovative and can be done smoothly by first-time users.

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8. Tommee Tippee Microwave Travel Steam Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Tommee Tippee Microwave Travel Steam Baby Bottle SterilizerMost of the parents must be very cautious and worried about their kids. Their safety is the primary thing. To give the ultimate protection of your baby, one can use the sterilizer of Tommee Tippee. It is just amazing and great for the babies and especially the newborns. Just pour 200 ml water inside the base of the sterilizer.

Then place all the washed bottles and baby products into the handy tray. In the next step, the user should replace the lid and place the sterilizer inside the microwave. Then switch on the device. Once the work is completed, it is better to cool down the products and then pull them inside. You can leave open the sterilizer for about 24 hours, and no need to worry about the contents.

There are major benefits of using this device, and the first one is the compact size. Because of this size, it can be easily placed in any place. It is handy and can be taken at the time of travel. The sterilization is done wonderfully, and the users need not worry about it. There are bonus tongs that will help the users to remove the small accessories from the sterilizer.

Many times it is seen that the baby cries when they feel hungry, but if you have a superior quality baby bottle sterilizer at home, you can easily carry out the sterilizing process in a quick way.

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9. Eccomum Baby Bottle Steri-lizer and Dryer

Eccomum Baby Bottle Steri-lizerThe products of Eccomum is specially made for smart mothers who wish to give the best comfort to their little ones. At first, the design of the device is so nice that it will easily draw the attention of the buyers. The product is also responsible for taking the utmost care about the health of the babies.

The sterilizer cleans and disinfects the accessories with great care and attention. This device is also responsible for heating the formula milk easily and within a short time. The other advantage of using this device is that it ensures that the water vapor flow will not move back to the machine at the time of operation.

The device does not make or create any type of harsh sounds that can disturb your baby while he is sleeping. The length of the device can be adjusted swiftly, and it is easily adjusted within a small space. It saves space and never makes it look messy. However, parents should not forget to clean the products are to be sterilized and dried afterward. Even at the time of heating milk, if required, the user should not place the bottle directly on the stainless steel plate.

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10. Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Bottle Sterilizer and DryerIf you want to keep the health of your baby good just like the hospitals, it is better to try Bottle sterilizer and dryer. This device is very convenient to be used daily. The device is also responsible for cleaning about 99.9% of germs smoothly.

If you are thinking of a perfect gift that can be given for a baby shower, then it can be the best option that can be tried. The device comes with some wonderful features that make it unique in all respects. The sterilizer can be used for cleaning and disinfecting bottles along with the nipples and pacifiers.

The device absorbs very little electricity, and that is the main thing. It saves time and energy of the user to a good extent. Now the parents can give the hospital care and love at home by introducing this device for protecting babies—the easy to use another important thing that should be mentioned. So, if you have not yet bought a perfect sterilizer for your home, it is the high-time when you should go with it.

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Baby Bottle Sterilizer Buying Guide – Things To Consider

If you start looking for a baby bottle sterilizer, you will come across a wide variety of products. However, the main confusion arises which one to choose. Below are some guidelines and instructions that should be followed just at the time of purchasing a bottle sterilizer. Let us discuss some of the relevant points.

  • Size

The most important point that should be remembered just at the time of buying a bottle sterilizer is that you should always consider the size of the sterilizer. If the sterilizer is the big or bulky size, it is better not to buy it. On the other side, always look for the sterilizers that are compact and can fit anywhere in a hassle-free manner. If you look for the bigger ones, it will become very tough to carry them conveniently from one place to another. The smaller will be the size the more the user will be comfortable with it.

  • Capacity

Check the number of bottles that can be put inside the sterilizer. It is fine if you can put a good number of bottles inside it. Some sterilizers have a good capacity as it can take bottles along with the pacifiers, nipples, and breast pumps. That will be much more efficient and effective at the same time.

  • Branded

Many people who will mostly prefer to buy branded products. Some basic qualities are mainly possessed by branded products than the non-branded ones. Take, for example, Philips Avent is always considered to be the best and reliable one for the babies. They have some special features unique in every aspect. Sometimes they also provide a good warranty period.

  • Operating mode

Also, check the mode of operating or handling the device. You may come across some devices that have a complex mode of operation. That should be avoided as much as possible. Initially, it may appear that the user will operate it easily, but the man problem arises just at the time of sterilization. In this connection, it can be said that you should check the manuals that must be present inside the product. If it is not present, the product should not be purchased. A manual guide is mandatory in every case, and it should be present.

  • Look

If you are a bit choosy about the look and exterior appearance, you should go with the branded ones. This is because most of the branded companies mainly insist on the look and quality of the product so they can satisfy their clients. The smart look of the device allows the user to keep it any corner of the room easily, and such products are mostly accepted among the modern and stylish people. For many, appearance matters a lot, and this is very natural.

  • Warranty period

When you are planning to buy a bottle sterilizer, the most important thing that should be checked is the warranty period of the same. It should be mandatorily mentioned with the device. If there is no such mention about the warranty period, it is better not to buy those products. It may happen that while operating the device, people can come across some issues. For products like a bottle sterilizer, there is no use of buying the product without a warranty period. Some buyers often ignore such vital points and buy the product instantly.

  • Reviews

Apart from all this, it is the review that plays a crucial role in most of the cases. If you have already bought any product like a bottle sterilizer you should check the reviews from various sites. To make the process simple, you can visit some well-known sites that particularly deal with these issues. They can provide you with exact information along with the price in most cases. But one should know various types of fake sites that are very popular at the present time. They can provide you with many wrong and invalid information. It is better to enquire about the product from a reliable place as much as possible.

How to Use Baby Bottle Sterilizer Machine Properly

There are two types of bottle sterilizer available today, a steam sterilizer and a cold-water sterilizer. Both these sterilizers serve the same purpose; how they do it, is entirely different. Here is how to use, each of them.

How to use electric steam sterilizer –

Step 1: steam requires water and the first thing to do is fill the device with water. Read the user manual and check your product needs any special knowledge to fill in the water.

Step 2: a steam sterilizer does not remove milk residue or any sort of hard residue. The only function a steam sterilizer can perform is to kill the germs and bacteria inside the bottle.

Step 3: a steam sterilizer will come with prong, once the device is ready, load the bottle upside down and switch on the product. A steam sterilizer comes with a maximum of up to six prongs.

Step 4: a steam sterilizer might come with a second layer that could sterilize the cups and nipples of baby bottles. Once the bottle, cup, and nipples are loaded, close the product

Step 5: it commonly takes 10-minutes to clean the sterilizer and most of the devices come with an automatic switch-off feature that stops the cleaning. If your device does not have auto switch-off, make sure that switch it off at 10-minutes.

How to use microwave sterilizer–

Step 1: clean the microwave before using it and make sure the baby bottles are food grade and microwave compatible.

Step 2: Add water to the sterilizer, yes, and microwave sterilizer needs water to function efficiently. Read the user manual for precise information on how to fill water. PS: different models have different design

Step 3: Now load the bottles and accessories upside down in such a way that steam can enter freely.

Step 4: close the lid to lock the steam inside the sterilizer. Put the entire product into the microwave, switch on the microwave, and wait for two minutes.

Step 5: after two minutes, switch off the microwave and wait another two minutes.

Step 6: take out the product from the microwave and before taking off the lid, allow the setup to cool down.

Once the steam settles, you are ready to remove the bottles, caps, and nipples. Remember, microwave sterilizing is efficient and you can leave the bottles and parts in the setup for almost 24-hours without any issues.

Bottom Line

A baby bottle sterilizer is slowly becoming your kid’s friend. It is a very useful product that has gained good popularity in due course of time. It ensures extreme safety for the little member of your family. Once your kid reaches a certain age, he will eat their food with their hand. But till then, one should be given proper guidance and safety as much as possible from their parents. When they are within the infant stage, they do not have that much of immunity power. In such a condition, prior protection is required from the parents. The parents should never compromise with the quality and price when it comes to their precious ones.

With the invention of a baby bottle sterilizer, most of the work has been curtailed. This is a great invention in the hands of the common man. It is with this device or tool moms can easily save their time and energy to a good extent. When you have less time in your hand, it feels irritating to do such jobs. But a good-quality baby bottle sterilizer is something precious for the new parents to enjoy the parenthood in a better manner.

Now the time has come when we all should look for a stable and secured device that can help our kids grow healthily. As pollution is increasing day by day, we should always try to give them minimum safety and hygiene. As a parent, it should be our foremost priority. No matter what the situation is, we should always look for the best when it is for our kids. It is a time when we should all keep the best baby bottle sterilizer, so they stay away from the harmful germs.