10 Best Baby Blankets 2020 – The Expert Reviews & Guide

Are you searching for a perfect blanket for your little one? Babies are always special and so do their things too. A blanket should give a feel to a baby as such his/her mom’s cuddling, protecting and warming.

So many baby blankets are in the market and choosing the right one always ends in confusion as parents cannot compromise in this. Such a blanket is the best option which can also be used for cuddling, bathing and swaddling too. It adds up warmness and softness. It ensures the baby feels warm, secure, soft and loved all the time and that is why make sure you buy the best one that is trending in the market.

There are so many patterns of the baby blanket and they are all made of a different material. The blanket keeps the child warm all the time. Besides, it can be a great stylish cover during nursing. Some also coordinate the blanket with the accessories of the baby as a designer look.

The blanket of the baby can be used for changing the diaper and even at the time of nursing too. It is used by kids who are up to 1 year of age and is said to be favorite blankets of the babies at all the time. It is also good for those who don’t have the kids to buy the blank as the small size softness can allow you to match the décor of the home. Surely, it makes the best baby shower gift also because of the quality and great service it offers to the baby that too with comfort.

Best Baby Blankets Reviews

If you are considering the option of buying the best baby blanket, then here are some of the right products you may want to have a look at. They are best in terms of material, comfort, and style too. But make sure your choice is entirely on the crucial factors that blanket necessarily should have.

1. BORITAR Baby Blanket Super Soft Minky with Double Layer Dotted Backing

BORITAR Baby BlanketBoritar is a well-known company that has earned a reputation because of some of the best quality baby care products. The company has been trending in the market because of the top-notch quality and great after-sales service.

Talking about the finest products that are being sold by the company, BORITAR Baby Blanket Super Soft Minky with Double Layer Dotted Backing could be the efficient option you might want to choose for the baby. This blanket is made of 100% soft polyester fabric which will not cause any irritation to your kid. Besides, it measures 30*40 inches, which are sufficient for your baby to cover up without any problem.

The blanket gives more of a soft yet warm feeling. You can machine wash it frequently without worrying about losing its texture or stitching at all. The packaging comes with a satin trim solution. You can let your baby have peace of mind and a good sleep under this blanket. Besides, when you go out, you can carry it as a stroller cover, cuddling option sleeping for the baby and nursing too. T

he safety and comfort are what the company focuses on and this is the perfect example of the same this baby blanket is a beautifully designed option and in case you are looking forward to some nice shower gift then you might want to shortlist this one.

The stitching of the blanket is finely done and has the dual-sided revisable designing so only at one side the design is smooth while on the other it is the dotted one. Get a cute pattern that can match your baby’s personality before it runs out of stock.

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2. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Blanket with Security Blanket

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush BlanketHudson is in the market selling a wide range of baby care products. The company with fine craftsmanship, advanced technology and years of experience has got plenty of happy customers. Each year, Hudson surprises its customers with some of the magnificent baby care range that makes the job of parenting a hassle-free experience.

Talking about one such product is Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Blanket with Security Blanket. Be it winter or summer; this blanket knows how to keep your little one under wrap and protected against all the odds. The quality and comfort at no point are compromised while making this incredible range of blankets.

This blanket cal also is a perfect bodysuit for the baby. It has different animal patterns on the design part and is made of polyester. It comes with a 3-D animal facing that always grabs the attention of the baby. The best part about the range that Hudson baby offers is what usually a bay requires on the routine basis as an essential part. Being a caregiver, you want to trust the reliable brand, and that is why Hudson’s baby is the right one to choose.

In this package, you get the plus fabric-based blanket that can help in optimal usage. It is not just affordable but is also made with sturdy quality. When you cover it on your baby, the feeling of gentle softness can immediately be sensed. The blanket measures 30*36 inches which can cover the entire body of the baby conveniently. It also protects the little one against dust and dirt that may hamper the baby to a great extent.

This cozy plush fabric blanket by Hudson promises better security while feelings of cuddle that baby needs all the time. It can be a great option for your baby to snuggle and swaddle too, and you can use it as a stroller cover while going out with your little one.

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3. Custom Catch Personalized Baby Blanket for Girls

Custom Catch Personalized Baby BlanketAvailable in pink color, this baby blanket by Customer Catch is quite new but trending more amongst the girls. This can be the best-personalized baby blanket for your baby to enjoy.

It is a thoughtful birthday gift present for many people to be gifted on cherishing and newborn or baby shower too. The blanket is made of soft material and has the fabric used, which keeps the baby under wrap with great comfort and warmness all the time. Since it is a personalized option, you can put the name on the blanket of your baby in a lovely script to add elegance too.

The optimal customization option with the date of birth is also possible. The blanket measures 36*36 inches which is why it is quite enough from newborn to toddler and thus can be used for a long time. In the hospital maternity wing, you can consider buying this option for the baby so that you don’t have to use those typical baby products that hospital supplies and click some marvelous pictures too.

With a wide satin border at all the edges, this baby blanket looks simply classy. You can machine wash it without fear of losing its features. Besides, it is the best option; one can choose for the nursery and better warmness to snug the baby all the time.

If money is something you are worried about, then frankly, you don’t have to be. This market is available at an affordable price, and the quality is nowhere compromised at all. This blanket doesn’t have any kind of No Rough Embroidered Monogrammed Letters that would irritate the smooth touch of the baby. It also offers the touch stimulation since it is 220GSM fleece super soft.

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4. XMWEALTHY Unisex Infant Swaddle Blankets 

XMWEALTHY Unisex Infant Swaddle Blankets XMWEALTHY Unisex Infant Swaddle Blanket is also quoted as a superior option that you can choose. This blanket is designed for the finest quality and is said to be value for money. The blanket measures 29.5″ x 13.8″ (75 x 35cm), which is quite a comfortable option you may want to choose to cover your baby.

It is made of knit and fleece; thus, it is super soft and comfortable too. XMWEALTHY is one finest company that brings you impeccable baby care products at a great price and awesome quality. The company has the finest team of the workers providing uttermost care while manufacturing the baby products. Besides the quality is so amazing that you may want to buy some other baby care products from  XMWEALTHY that are also trending in the market.

The baby blanket, which has been recently introduced by XMWEALTHY is available in two colors and those are khaki and gray depending on your taste you can make a choice. This blanket is super amazing for both boys and girls who always want to have the feeling of the womb. The blanket is made from the polar fleece lined and has a quality knitting tool option. It is soft, warm and comfortable too, which can be used for the kids till 1 year of age.

In case you haven’t made up your mind to gift something unique to your best friend whose baby shower is coming up in a few days you may want to go with this option. It is safer as compared to other baby blankets that are being sold in the market, which also ensure the startle reflex is prevented. Be it the crib wrap or the sleeping bag or receiving blankets, this is the right option you may want to choose.

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5. HOMRITAR Baby Blanket 

HOMRITAR Baby Blanket If you are looking around for the beautiful warm yet cozy blankets for your little then you may want to consider the baby blankets wide range of options by HOMRITAR. HOMRITAR is one of the oldest companies that has managed to stay on the top-level amongst the other brands selling baby care products.

Most of the products of this brand are affordable and have been gently designed, considering the baby needs in mind. The blanket that we shall be talking about today is one such finest example.

HOMRITAR Baby Blanket is made of 100% polyester fabric so that it will keep your baby warm and comfortable the whole time. Be it in the office, walking outside or sitting in the stroller; this blanket is worth it. Besides, it also prevents the baby from harmful UV rays, dirt, and dust by reducing its allergic chances. It is made of fine craftsmanship which is value for money.

The brand believes in producing each product with love, chest, and warmness. The crucial thing about kids is the quality and safety of course and with such blankets, they can have a peaceful sleep all the time.

This blanket measures 30″x40″ which means the entire body of the baby can be well made. Besides, you must wash it after every use to avoid any kind of allergies and risk to harm your baby. Safety and comfort are something that this brand takes very seriously when it comes to baby care products and that is why you will find this product made of high quality and without any kind of additives being added. It is natural and not an irritant and hence safe to be used for babies.

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6. Zenssia Organic Cotton Baby Blanket 

Zenssia Organic Cotton Baby Blanket For your little one to stay safe and comfortable even in winter seasons, you probably would love to have the organic cotton baby blanket by Zenssia. Zensia is a well-known brand that has been liked by many customers to date. It is believed that the brand only manufactures the products that offer baby gentle care and soothes it in the growing age. That is why, if you are planning to buy a blanket from this company, you can rest assured that your baby is going to have the most amazing time.

The pattern of quality of the blanket has been specially made to relevant any kind of overheating. Besides, even in winter seasons, it can offer much-needed warmness to your baby and thus your baby can sleep peacefully. This blanket is designed for both boys and girls. It is available in a different color to make a choice. You can use this blanket on the baby to be covered in the stroller, for cuddling and even as a cover during the nursing and thus, you will not have any problem at all.

The blanket is quite warm because of the use of organic double-layer cotton being made it is made of premium quality with dual stitching and fine workmanship because of this the complete coverage and protection to the baby are achieved. In case you are looking out for some kind of baby sheer gift then this is the right one you can choose.

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7. Fox Baby Blanket Boys Soft Minky Baby Blanket

Fox Baby Blanket Boys Soft Minky Baby BlanketFox is a great known brand in the market today and has won the hearts of billions of people across. This is the ideal choice, especially for those people who don’t have much time to look after the baby. But these can even afford to spend on the bad quality of baby care products.

The brand has been manufacturing some of the top-notch quality based products for the baby and Fox Baby Blanket Boys Soft Minky Baby Blanket is one such amazing thing. You can even be considering gifting this blanket to your friend who is expecting soon on her baby shower.

This warm blanket is made of a unique woodland theme and is an aid to be the sturdy option to choose from. It does not matter whether it is a baby boy or girl, this could be an amazing baby shower gift you can think of giving. It creates the most comfortable environment for your kid and thus your child can keep peacefully. Be it autumn, winter or even spring, this baby blanket option is worth to choose.

The baby blanket is made of 100% premium quality and has the polyester fabric used and due to this only it is super soft and comfortable too. It is available in different colors like grey and white to make a choice. The designs are unique too. There is a dual later of dotted backing and the soft Minky concept makes it more of breathable material. Your baby thus feels warm and safe all the time.

It is surely is a unique blanket and measures 30*40 inches, which can fit from newborn to toddler without any problem.

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8. Comfy Cubs Baby Blanket

Comfy Cubs Baby BlanketThis one is an amazing super soft blanket, which is a revisable option and has a great design. It is a unisex blanket, which means boys and girls can both use it. It has been made of superior quality and of course, the design is nowhere comprised at all. This blanket is best for using it in a cot and even in the stroller.

Some mothers also use it as a cover during nursing. If you are worried about the quality of the fabric then be rest assured as the company believes only selling the most genuine options. Your baby will all be draped in the comfortable fabric, which is soft and easy to wash too. Each of the products by Comfy has been manufactured with fine craftsmanship.

The company over the past few years has gained quite a lot of interest in many people. It is said to be the top-notch brand that also has proved to be a tough competition for many people. This blanket is made of the Minky fabric and the dual side design makes it more a handy solution to cuddle your baby up and put it inside the blanket all the time. The Minky material is of top-notch quality. It is perfect even for the sensitive skin of the baby. Some so many babies prefer sleeping wrapped up in the blanket and you can rest assured of choosing this one since it is quite comfortable than it may look to you.

In case you want to gift something on the baby shower of your friend, you might want to consider this idea. Besides, it is suitable for girls and boys and is easy to wash too. The style, design, and quality are the plus point of this blanket which any parent would want for the baby.

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9. Luka&Lily Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket 

Luka&Lily Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket This baby blanket for your little one is the best option to buy. You can even consider it as the best baby shower gift too. The blanket is nicely designed by Milestone which is quite a favorite brand of most of the mommy’s. The growth of the baby is important for any parent and having a loving memory of the same is important.

You might want to take pictures of your baby with such memories and that is why you can consider this option of this blanket by Luka and Lily. The design is so cute and the craftsmanship is simply WOW. It has been printed from the watercolor designs in California; hence you are dealing with the best product. Quality is nowhere compromised at all. This blanket offers impeccable quality with a great look and it is a picture-perfect option.

The blank is fade and wrinkle resistant and is a perfect dye-free option too. Since this blanket is already a lot more in demand and you don’t want to miss out on the great deal associated with it, make sure you get it in your cart today. do not worry about the guarantee as it is a well-known brand that only offers the best service and after-sales service to the customers it values the most.

It is safe to use it for babies who have sensitive skin. The material is non-toxic and friendly to the environment. Thanks to easy ventilation and breathable fabric, your baby can sleep peacefully. Besides, it is light in weight and a perfect answer to your baby’s care.

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10. Rest-Eazzzy Baby Blanket 

Rest-Eazzzy Baby Blanket Rest-Eazzzy Baby Blanket is another best of the baby care products that you might want to consider. It is super soft, flexible, and has been designed considering the sensitive skin of the baby. It is made only from the materials that are an organic and environmentally friendly option too.

This will not harm the skin of the baby too. Besides, the fabric is skin-friendly and would give your baby more of the comfortable feeling when it is put on the Just the way baby has got the warmness of the womb the blanket similarly balances the temperature and ensures the warmness is still the same.

Rest-Eazzzy so far has never managed to disappoint its valued customers. There is no denying the fact that their easy care option with this blanket can be. This product is machine washable and dry too. In addition, the blanket is best for the car cover, baby stroller cover, and can be used in all seasons.

You don’t have to iron it each time since it can get dried off in the low heat. It offers you multiple usages such as a car seat, care cover, and nursing cover. Often, parents use it as the stroller cover too. This blanket is made of microfiber which is why it feels extremely smooth. The material is soft and breathable too.

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There is no bleach used and the care given for manufacturing each of the blankets can be visible. It is light in weight and even in the air-conditioned room; your baby will not feel cold at all. This product is 100% safe to use and has been made from non-toxic material. That is why it is friendly to the environment, adults, and kids too. There is smooth ventilation and breathable option so that the mommy can also have her own resting time just like the baby.

Baby Blankets Buying guide – What To Look for It?

For the first time buyers, this could be pretty a tricky option. But the buying factors are given below; it can be a lot simpler for you.

  • Quality: Your ideal focus should be on the quality of the blanket. It must be made of soft material, which even for sensitive skin is fine. Maybe fleece and polyester fabric are the ideal options to go.
  • Perfect Fit: The cover should protect the baby entirely. It must have ventilation and breathable material used so that in all seasons, you can use this blanket on the baby without any discomfort. The blanket needs to be extra large for lasting usage.
  • Know The Types: There are different types of baby blankets such as fleece blanket, quilts, crocheted blankets, thermal blankets, and receiving blankets to name a few. Every type has its distinctive feature and which your jobs are to understand and then make a choice accordingly.

Focus on the price but don’t compromise with the quality at all. After all, it is related to your baby’s comfort, which should be our priority of all other things. It is now time to start with your homework.

Final verdict

Now that all things are right in front of you, it is time to start with your homework today. You might want to speak with those who have used such an option earlier. This way, you can rest assured that you are dealing in the right product.