Bassinet Vs Crib: What’s Better For Your Baby?

If you have a newborn on the way, you may be wondering which is best – bassinet vs. crib.  Choosing the best type of bed for your baby is crucial, but do you need both? In this article, we help you decide between a bassinet vs crib for your babe.

What is a Bassinet?

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A bassinet is a bed designed for newborn babies up to the age of 4 months. It is shaped like a basket. There is proper protection that is offered for the babies. These are mainly made from several materials such as wood, etc.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Bassinet?

When making a selection, consider the following pros and cons.


  • These are considered to be lighter in weight. Hence, they are easier to carry from one place to another.
  • The bassinets are also smaller in size. Hence, as a parent, you can easily lean over to take a look at your baby.
  • It is an affordable product. The materials used are light as well as compact.
  • There are a lot of additional features that come along with a bassinet. A hood and proper storage systems are present herein.


  • The baby bassinets are meant for toddlers who are just a few months old. Hence, they are made from less durable materials. Hence, you cannot think of suing the bassinets for a long time in the future.
  • Although more affordable than the cribs, the bassinets do not offer great value for the money spent.
  • The bassinets have a certain limit as to the total weight that it can carry. Hence, once your baby reaches a certain age, the bassinets become an overhead and do not save any purpose.

What is a Crib?

Convertible Baby Cribs

Just like a bassinet, cribs are beds that are designed especially for infants and toddlers. Unlike the bassinets, the cribs are meant for children up to three years of age. The materials that are used in the making are more durable. Plastic, aluminum, and hardwood are some of the materials used.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Crib?


  • The design is quite strong. The cribs are meant to hold a child who is older than the ones who use a bassinet. Therefore, the material used makes the crib sturdy and strong.
  • The cribs are more durable.
  • You can easily find a mattress that can be accommodated in cribs.
  • You have plenty of options at your disposal. There are different colors, sizes, shapes, etc., that are made available.
  • These are also more cost-efficient when compared to bassinets.


  • These are not portable. It isn’t easy to carry it from one place to another. This is quite heavy.
  • Since they are larger in size, it sometimes gets difficult to accommodate them in a single room.
  • The assembly is a little complicated in this case.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Bassinet vs Crib:

Well, if you have to decide between choosing a bassinet or a crib, it will be helpful to keep the following factors in mind:


The crib or the bassinet is to be used by your child. Hence, it goes without saying that you will be very particular about the safety standards. It would help if you were mindful of the various safety standards. Look out for the certifications by the various companies.


When you buy a product, you want to get the maximum value from the investment. Hence, a highly durable product should be the one on which you spend your money. The materials that go into the making of the product, therefore, play a vital role.


It is also important to check the material that goes into the making. The higher quality of materials used will help to ensure that the product is strong and sturdy. This, in turn, also contributes to the high longevity of the product.


Depending on the age of your child, the crib or the bassinet has to be chosen. For example, the bassinets are usually smaller in size as they are meant for children up to six months. On the other hand, the cribs are meant for older children and hence are bigger in size.


As a parent, you would also like to consider whether it is easy to carry the bassinet or the crib from one place to another. Investing in a portable product can add to your advantage.

Conclusion: What’s better, a bassinet vs. crib?

Thus, just before the arrival of your child, a decision has to be made by your family about purchasing either a bassinet or a crib. Both of these products are easily available in the market. Besides, as seen above, each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. It would help if you weighed each of these and then make a decision. The factors mentioned in the buying guide will also help you in making a decision.

Bassinet vs. crib?  Well, when my babies were born, I needed both – you can start with this bassinet and then choose the crib once the baby is a bit older.