Baby Video Monitor Vs Audio Monitor – Which is better in 2021?

Baby monitors come in all types: baby video monitor vs audio monitor.  How do you know which to choose?  Baby monitors are superb gadgets for parents to make sure their children are safe in their rooms. With a baby monitor, parents can observe what their children are doing in their rooms or nursery. If you have a big house where it is difficult to hear from one room to another, then a baby monitor is an excellent product for you.

There are mainly two types of baby monitors in the market, namely video baby monitors and audio baby monitors. Video baby monitors offer both video and audio results, while audio baby monitors offer only audio results.

So which baby monitor is the best type to buy? It really depends upon your preference as parents. Both types of baby monitors can be used for monitoring your baby’s activity. However, before selecting a particular type, you need to know about both types of monitors. This article discusses baby video monitors vs. audio monitors. At the end of this article, we hope you will decide which baby monitor is perfect for you and your family.

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Video Baby Monitor

Many parents prefer video baby monitors over audio ones. Also, there are many advanced features available in video baby monitors compared to audio ones. So parents will prefer the video baby monitors genuinely.

With a video baby monitor, you can get assured about your children’s safety wherever you are by seeing them. Because of the visual output, you can see the real-time activity of your baby effectively. Also, the video monitor allows you to monitor more than one baby in one room effectively.

Video monitors come with a temperature display feature to let you know whether your baby’s room is hot or cold. Moreover, by using a video baby monitor, you can feel like your baby is with you, and you are taking care of his/her from wherever you are.

Many video monitors include night lights for the baby’s pleasure. Some video monitors also allow you to connect multiple cameras and keep them in different areas. It means, with one video baby monitor, you can monitor different activities of your baby in different rooms. Some video monitors come with a zoom feature to allow you to have a close look at your baby.

The video baby monitor is a brilliant choice for parents who do outside jobs such as gardening or working on the car in a garage. Those parents can watch their babies live from wherever they are by installing a video baby monitor in their home.

Audio Baby Monitor

Though video monitors are top-rated in the market, the demand for audio baby monitors is also not the lowest. The parents who don’t have much technical knowledge prefer audio monitors over video monitors as audio monitors are easy to connect and use compared to video monitors. Also, some parents think it is not good to spy on their babies and go for an audio monitor. However, it is the personal choice of the parents.

As audio baby monitors provide only audio outputs, you should choose a model with better sound quality. If the audio monitor’s sound quality is not good, you may not listen to your baby’s voice properly. Also, you may have to guess your baby’s voice and the noise if you listen to more than one sound from the audio monitor. As there is no video output, audio monitors are not ideal for monitoring more than one baby at a time. With an audio monitor, you can’t know whether your baby is sleeping or awake. Despite these drawbacks, audio monitors are still preferred by many parents.

Conclusion: Baby Video Monitor Vs Audio Monitor

Now, you may have a clear idea about both types of baby monitors. We hope you can choose the perfect baby monitor for you now. If you are worried about your baby and want to watch them closely, then a video monitor is the best choice for you. If you want to go with a traditional product, then you can use an audio baby monitor. Here’s a link to a smart wifi baby monitor with a camera.

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