5 Key Babies Teething Signs and Symptoms?

When babies start teething give them teethers, it can be a very important phase of their life. But this same important phase can be very painful and uncomfortable for them. As a parent, you must know all the essential details, such as babies teething signs and symptoms. If you know these signs, you will be able to help your baby go through it. During teething, teeth emerge from the gums, which is why everything can be very painful. Teething is especially painful when the teeth at the end of your baby’s gums are erupting.

But do you know when babies start teething?

Generally, babies start having their teeth erupted when they are between 4 to 8 months of age. But for some babies, this age range can be completely different. That does not mean that things are abnormal. Every child is different, and hence their teeth will erupt as per the growth factors in their body. If you are still very worried, you can consult a pediatrician to know why your baby is teething late.

Babies Start Teething

Babies Teething Signs and Symptoms

For every baby, these signs and symptoms cannot be the same. However, you can get a basic idea from the details given below.

Let us discuss them

  • Crying and Fussiness: When teeth erupt, you will notice that your baby might get all fussy and agitated without any proper reason. Babies also tend to cry more at night during the teething phase. Hence, watching out for this sign can be beneficial.
  • A raised temperature: In some babies, doctors have also noticed a rise in body temperature. Their body can feel warm a little, and their forehead will be hotter than usual. Some babies even tear up because of this problem. Never forget to notice all of this.
  • They would want to chew hard objects: When teeth grow, the gums can feel itchy. Hence, when babies chew on hard objects, they feel a slight relief from the itchy feeling. Babies put every toy in their mouth usually. But this chewing gets intense when they are about to show teeth in their mouth.
  • Rash on their face: When babies have their teeth erupting, they tend to drool a lot. Hence, when this drool touches their skin of chin or cheeks, it might cause redness and a rash in that area. This rash can even be caused in their neck. If such outbreaks are showing up, you might try a baby moisturizing cream in the affected area.
  • Red and swollen gums: The gums of your baby might also get inflamed because teething is very painful. Gums can hence turn red and also get swollen in some cases. While feeding your baby, if you notice such signs, you will get an idea of teething very quickly.

If you have noticed more than two of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms of teething, take your baby to a pediatrician. A pediatrician will be able to make sure of everything and even suggest some remedies and analgesic creams.  An ice gel teether may help.


Do not be afraid of this phase called teething in your baby’s life. It is going to be painful and uncomfortable for them, but they will have to go through it so that they can eat solid foods well when they reach a certain age. Your child will also feel weak in this phase and won’t have the desire to play. Hence, it is crucial for you to be patient and take special care of them. Babies might even wake up in the middle of the night and start crying. Hence, try to comfort them as much as possible and try everything that your family doctor suggests.

We hope that your baby will get over this phase soon without any major discomforts.